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The LTC3300ILXE-1#PBF is a high efficiency bidirectional multi-cell Battery Balancer for transformer-based bidirectional active balancing of multicell battery stacks. All associated gate drive circuitry, precision current sensing, fault detection circuitry and a robust serial interface with built-in watchdog timer are integrated. Each LTC3300-1 can balance up to 6 series-connected battery cells with an input common mode voltage up to 36V. Charge from any selected cell can be transferred at high efficiency to or from 12 or more adjacent cells. An unique level-shifting SPI-compatible serial interface enables multiple LTC3300-1 devices to be connected in series without opto-couplers or isolators, allowing for balancing of every cell in a long string of series-connected batteries. When multiple LTC3300-1 devices are connected in series they can operate simultaneously, permitting all cells in the stack to be balanced concurrently and independently.
  • Bidirectional synchronous flyback balancing of up to 6 Li-ion or LiFePO4 cells in series
  • Up to 10A balancing current (set by externals)
  • Integrates seamlessly with the LTC680x family of multicell battery stack monitors
  • Bidirectional architecture minimizes balancing time and power dissipation
  • Up to 92% charge transfer efficiency
  • Stackable architecture enables >1000V systems
  • Uses simple 2-winding transformers
  • 1MHz Daisy-chainable serial interface with 4-bit CRC packet error checking
  • High noise margin serial communication
  • Numerous fault protection features
Техническая спецификация (Data sheet)