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The BQ7693001DBT is a robust Analog Front-End IC for next-generation high-power systems. It is designed with low power in mind sub-blocks within the IC may be enabled/disabled to control the overall chip current consumption and a SHIP mode provides a simple way to put the pack into an ultra-low power state. It supports up to 5-series cells or typical 18V packs, the BQ76930 handles up to 10- series cells or typical 36V packs. A variety of battery chemistries may be managed with these AFEs, including Li-ion, lithium iron phosphate and more. Via I2C, a host controller can use the bq769x0 to implement many battery pack management functions, such as monitoring (cell voltages, pack current, pack temperatures), protection (controlling charge/discharge FETs) and balancing. Integrated A/D converters enable a purely digital readout of critical system parameters, with calibration handled in TI\x92s manufacturing process.
  • Pure digital interface
  • Internal ADC measures cell voltage, die temperature and external thermistor
  • Separate, internal ADC measures pack current (coulomb counter)
  • Directly supports up to three thermistors (103AT)
  • Overcurrent in discharge (OCD)
  • Short-circuit in discharge (SCD)
  • Overvoltage (OV) protection
  • Undervoltage (UV) protection
  • Secondary protector fault detection
  • Integrated cell balancing FETs
  • Green product and no Sb/Br
Техническая спецификация (Data sheet)