MICROCHIP 11AA010T-I/TT EEPROM, AEC-Q100, 1 Кбит, 128 x 8бит, 100 кГц, Последовательный UNI/O, SOT-23, 3 вывод(-ов)

Обзор продукта

The 11AA010T-I/TT is a 1kB through 16kB serial Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) organized in blocks of x8-bit memory and support the patented single I/O UNI/O® serial bus. By using Manchester encoding techniques, the clock and data are combined into a single, serial bit stream (SCIO), where the clock signal is extracted by the receiver to correctly decode the timing and value of each bit. Low-voltage design permits operation down to 1.8V, with standby and active currents of only 1µA and 1mA respectively.
  • Low-power CMOS technology
  • Schmitt trigger inputs for noise suppression
  • Output slope control to eliminate ground bounce
  • Self-timed write cycle
  • Page-write buffer for up to 16 bytes
  • STATUS Register for added control
  • Write enable latch bit
  • Write-in-progress bit
  • Block write protection - Protect none, 1/4, 1/2 or all of array
  • Built-in write protection
  • Power-on/off data protection circuitry
  • Write enable latch
  • High reliability
  • Endurance - 1000000 erase/write cycles
  • Data retention - >200 years
  • ESD protection - >4000V
Производитель: MICROCHIP
Техническая спецификация (Data sheet)