MAXIM INTEGRATED PRODUCTS MAX4222ESD+ Буферный усилитель, 4 усилитель(-ей), 200 МГц, 600 В/мкс, ± 1.575В до ± 5.5В, 3.15В до 11В, NSOIC

Обзор продукта

The MAX4222ESD+ is a high-speed, single supply, closed-loop rail to rail buffer with enable in 14 pin NSOIC package. This is precision, closed loop, gain of +2 (or -1) buffer featuring high slew rates, high output current drive and low differential gain and phase error. The input common mode voltage range extends 100mV beyond the negative power supply rail and the output swings rail to rail. It requires only 5.5mA of quiescent supply current while achieving a 230MHz -3dB bandwidth and a 600V/µs slew rate, input voltage noise is only 10nV/√Hz and input current noise is only 1.3pA/√Hz. This buffer is ideal for low power/low voltage applications requiring wide bandwidth such as communications and instrumentation systems.
  • Supply voltage range is ±1.575V to ±5.5V, 3.15V to 11V
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C
  • High speed, -3dB bandwidth is 200MHz at VOUT = 100mVp-p & TA = +25°C
  • Bandwidth for 0.1dB gain flatness is 90MHz
  • Rise/fall time is 1ns at VOUT = 100mVp-p & TA = +25°C
  • Outputs swing rail to rail
  • Low differential gain/phase error is 0.03%/0.04°
  • Low distortion at 5MHz, -72dBc SFDR and -71dB total harmonic distortion
  • High output drive of ±120mA
  • All-hostile crosstalk is -95dB
Техническая спецификация (Data sheet)