TEXAS INSTRUMENTS LMH6321TS Буферный усилитель, 1 усилитель(-ей), 110 МГц, 2900 В/мкс, 5В до ± 16В, TO-263, 7 вывод(-ов)

Обзор продукта

The LMH6321TS is a high speed Unity Gain Buffer with adjustable current limit. It slews at 1800V/µs and has a small signal bandwidth of 110MHz while driving a 50R load. It can drive ±300mA continuously and will not oscillate while driving large capacitive loads. The LMH6321 features an adjustable current limit. The current limit is continuously adjustable from 10 to 300mA with a ±5mA ±5% accuracy. The current limit is set by adjusting an external reference current with a resistor. The current can be easily and instantly adjusted, as needed by connecting the resistor to a DAC to form the reference current. The sourcing and sinking currents share the same current limit.
  • Adjustable current limit
  • High capacitive load drive
  • Thermal shutdown error flag
  • Continuous output short-circuit to GND
Техническая спецификация (Data sheet)