ANALOG DEVICES ADA4800ACPZ-R7 Буферный усилитель, 1 усилитель(-ей), 400 МГц, 415 В/мкс, 4В до 17В, LFCSP, 6 вывод(-ов)

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The ADA4800ACPZ-R7 is a low power high speed CCD Buffer Amplifier integrated with an active load. The buffer is a low power, high speed, low noise, high slew rate, fast settling, fixed gain of 1 monolithic amplifier for charge-coupled device (CCD) applications. For CCD applications, the active load current source (IAL) can load the open source CCD sensor outputs and the buffer can drive the AFE load. The active current load can also be switched off, to use the ADA4800 as just unity gain buffer. The buffer consumes only 20mW of static power. In applications where power savings is critical, the ADA4800 features a power save mode (see the power save mode section), which further reduces the total current consumption. The bandwidth of the ADA4800 buffer is also fully adjustable through the IDRV pin. The buffer of the ADA4800 employs push-pull output stage architecture, providing drive current and maximum slew capability for both rising and falling signal transitions.
  • Integrated active load and gain of 1 buffer
  • Very low buffer power consumption - As low as 20mW on chip
  • Power save feature to reduce active load current by GPO control
  • Fast settling time to 1%, 2V step of 5ns
  • Adjustable buffer bandwidth
  • Push-pull output stage
  • Adjustable active load current
Производитель: ANALOG DEVICES
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